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So Florida has again seen changes in their PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage. That has been a fight that we have seen from time to time here in Minnesota. Legal Examiner member Council Wooten takes a look at what is going on there with :

Will Florida Drivers Actually See a Decrease in Auto Insurance Rates?, Council Wooten | August 30, 2012 4:31 PM |

It will be very important to watch what happens there, because if the insurance companies do gobble up the "savings" as profits, they will be doing the exact thing that we always point out they do. There has rarely, if ever, been a passing on of the savings. Each time a bill like this comes up to reduce benefits, there are calls to require a mandatory 10-20% reduction in premiums. Guess what? The Insurance Federation fights it.

These fights are often more about higher profits instead of solid coverage or the talk of "reform". The fraud is in the arguments being used to call for the change.

The system isn't perfect and could use a number of tweaks, but beyond that there is no need to do anything major.

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