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This month we have been looking at spring driving. What is out there and what is important to be thinking about.

Motorcycles are out there. The roads are filled with more than cars and it is important that we watch out for each other. Make sure you are clear before you change lanes and be aware of what is around you.

Speeds increase when the roads are clear and the weather isn’t affecting the drive. It may seem like a great time to open it up and enjoy the ride, but it also is a cause of some of the worse collisions we see. Stopping time is extended and reactions just don’t keep up with the speed.

The sun plays a role at times. It is this time of year that we see collisions that involve people driving into the sun without seeing where they are going. You are not allowed to drive if you can’t see. It is no time to drive by feel.

The farmers are out working. The spring planting is under way so make sure you give them enough room and don’t be impatient. You need to make sure it is clear to pass and let them do their work.

Road construction is in full force. So make sure you slow down in work zones and stay wide of those who are in the orange vests. Minnesota is spending a lot of time promoting zip merging, which means you take your time and be aware of the other drivers.

Spring rains can be short, but they also can be deadly. It is important that your wipers are in good shape, that you have your headlights on, and you don’t drive blind. Slow down and make sure you see where you are going.

New drivers are often on the road. It is the time when a lot of teenagers are just learning how to drive. Make sure to be alert to who else is out on the road. Defensive driving saves lives.

Runners are out and about. It is important that you take extra care as you turn corners and cross running paths. Make sure that we see each other.

The cyclists are out in full gear. While it is clear that there are a number of riders who are out year around, it is clear that a lot more are out right now. Make sure you watch out as you pass and when you are near bike paths.

Kids are out of school and many of them are out playing near roads. It is important that we watch out for our little ones and that all drivers be on hyper alert as you drive through neighborhoods.

There are parties and events during the summer. It is unfortunately a time when people get on the road with too much to drink. It is never a good idea to drink and drive, but for all of us make sure you are always on alert.

Summer is a time to have fun, enjoy the outside, and be safe.

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