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We have been helping clients with expungement work for years.  Unfortunately,  for a little while about the only advice we could give clients was to save their money.   There was some big questions that were raised about what could be down and if an expungement would actually achieve what was being asked.    Most calls come in three areas:

– A person that got in trouble when they were young and have now gone through college and even grad school and are finding that a past plea that they though was a good deal has really left a shadow over certain types of employment.

– A person,  often woman,  who found themselves in very bad situations and  got caught up in very big crimes, although they were truly on the edge.  They have grown up, cleaned up,  and in a better world.

– Those that plead guilty recently and somehow think that they can fix it.

For the first two groups the new law gives people hope.   The judges have been reenpowered to clean up records for those that have truly changed.   The new law provideds for catagories that will be considered and also a way to get expungement by agreement.

Expungement can be a complicated process that may take over four months to resolve.

It is important when you are seeking expungement in Minnesota that you get advice from an experienced attorney. The sooner you talk to an attorney, the better your chances that all of your options can be explored. At Bradshaw & Bryant, we have been helping people with all levels of charges from DUI and drug charges to physical assaults and homicides. We have put the time in to court to make a difference for you.

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